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Vacancies – your green career at Hydroplant

At Hydroplant, you’ll be part of a motivated, committed team, working in an inspiring, innovative environment. You’ll encounter exciting challenges as well as a range of development opportunities. We are interested in long-term collaboration. We will therefore challenge and support you continuously to ensure an effective process of personal development. As an employer, we also offer attractive terms of employment, social benefits, and a performance-based salary.

We are currently looking to fill the following vacancies. Do any of these roles appeal? If so, send us a full application, complete with all relevant documents. We also welcome unsolicited applications – please send these via E-Mail to Karin Wagner.

We currently have no vacancies.
«Only efficient management of projects, costs and personnel ensures perfect results.»
Fabienne Ferrat, Planner Hydroplant AG
«Green can do more on a physical, psychological and even an economic level.»
Karin Wagner, COO Hydroplant AG
«We effectively protect your investment with professional plant care.»
Deborah Schaub, Service Gardener Hydroplant AG
«From Anthurium to Zamioculcas – Our variety of plants is sure to impress!»
Martina Rappl, Operation Manager Production Technical Center Gossau Hydroplant AG
«Current research in the fields of architecture, medicine and biology play a crucial role in our work.»
Moritz Küderli, Owner Hydroplant AG
«The highest technical expertise and quality are our top priorities.»
Käthi Wartmann, Administrator Sales Department Hydroplant AG
«At Hydroplant, we turn fresh ideas into living works of art.»
Maja Bloch, Assistant Planning & Projects Hydroplant AG
«We bring nature to the urban environment.»
Samuel Bulgarelli, Project Consultant West Region Hydroplant AG