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The Circle: Stage 1 is complete


Stage 1 of a green wall installation over an area of 430 m2 – currently one of the largest vertical greening projects in Switzerland – is now complete. Together with Zurich Airport and Ramseier & Associates Ltd., the project designer and planner of the “Greenwall”, Hydroplant AG devised a detailed concept for an evergreen arrival at the airport. IttenBrechbühl provides general construction management for the Circle.

A green frontispiece for the airport

In future, travelers from all over the world will be greeted by the sight of the green wall, which will also serve as a living backdrop to the planned signage for businesses based at the Circle. Architects have tailored the design and functionality of the general lighting and logo lighting to suit the range of plants. Hydroplant and partner company Ingold Gartenbau pooled their longstanding expertise in green walls to help devise the detailed concept.

Complex assembly

Besides living up to the planned look for the Greenwall, the design also had to meet cantonal requirements. In order to remain accessible for inspection, the entire wall and substructure could not be attached to the concrete itself, but had to be installed at a distance, creating an 80 cm-wide gap. Hydroplant spent an intensive period of almost four weeks, with several day and night shifts, working on the assembly of the special construction and irrigation technology, as well as the plant selection and planting on site.

The Circle

The Circle is a visionary project covering an 180,000 m2 area at Zurich Airport, which sees over 150,000 passengers, visitors, commuters and employees on a daily basis. The greening system provides full façade coverage that will facilitate the visual and environmental optimization of the original concrete wall. In addition, the evergreen wall serves as a living background for the signage planned for businesses based at the Circle.

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