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Specialists in creative green concepts

Do you have a creative idea or special requirement for your individual project? Excellent! We’ll guide you from start to finish, plan your idea in great detail, and help to bring your unique green concept to life. And of course, you can decide for yourself which of our services you want to use.

  • Project studies: You have the space – we develop the green idea. In the project study, we lay the foundation for a creative process and start with a detailed analysis of the space.
  • Pre-project: This is where the ideas are further developed and consolidated. We produce prototypes and conduct initial test installations – in our «Werk 11» showroom or on site at your location.
  • Project: This is where the detailed planning begins. We define the precise dimensions of the project, and the number and type of plants that will be used. In the process, we also consider the lighting conditions and, if required, plan any artificial lighting. If required, we can also calculate the biotechnical air humidification and the specific humidification requirements of your space. You can therefore be assured that your indoor climate is not only pleasant, but also healthy.

Brighten up your rooms with some unique greenery! Our consultants will visit your location to talk with you informally about your personal ideas and requirements. With our expertise and well-honed instincts for architecture and design, we can develop a custom greening solution and provide a free quote for you. Straightforward, personal, and professional.

We bring your greening solution to life based on the concept developed for you. We work with an unparalleled selection of local and exotic plants from our own nursery and national and international sources, and use exclusive plant pots and decorative elements. Our specialists will handle everything from delivering the products, to realizing the green solution, to installing it on site – and guarantee that the job will be done to perfection. You’ll love your new greenery from the moment you lay eyes on it.

Office greenery

A well-planned greening solution in your office space is not just a unique design statement – it’s also a natural way to create a healthy indoor climate.

Greening solutions for buildings

From hotel lobbies, to offices, to showrooms: we help architects and interior designers to perfectly integrate greenery into spaces as early as the planning stage.

Green lab

To ensure that we can keep delivering green added value in the long term, we are always developing innovative products, breeding new plants species, and contributing to pioneering green studies.

Let’s make your green project a reality!

Elina Heinvirta would be delighted to hear from you and provide you with some recommendations.

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Plant rental & service