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    Stylish and effective office greenery

    Stylish office greenery is a beautiful thing! But it’s also extremely beneficial. After all, plants aren’t just easy on the eye – they also measurably improve the health and wellbeing of the people in the room. For example, plants can increase air humidity by up to 15%, which has a positive impact on our skin and airways. They also reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances in the air, which means that employees working in green offices take up to 3.5 fewer sick days. Finally, plants gently muffle noise in the room, making them effective acoustic panels.

    A wide range of products for your office greenery

    With a wide range of products and services, Hydroplant can create a unique, low-maintenance greening solution, tailored specifically to your office space. Find out more and get professional advice on your unique project.

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