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Custom indoor greenery

Studies have shown that Swiss people are spending around 90% of their time indoors these days. This makes it all the more important to pay attention to the quality of your space and actively invest in a good indoor climate. But how should you go about it? With authentic, natural greenery. After all, plants have been proven to improve the air in a room, while enhancing the look of the space at the same time.

Whether you’re looking for a two- or three-dimensional structure, a mobile indoor unit, a living work of art, or a green oasis in the middle of a building, our custom indoor greening solutions open up a world of inspiring possibilities. With Hydroplant, you can bring some of the natural world into your everyday life and enjoy healthy air and a good indoor climate all year round.

Green walls

The Verticalis green wall is an innovative, custom-made, vertical greening solution – a hanging garden that blends harmoniously with your interior architecture.

Plant wall art installations

The Verticalis plant wall art installation by Hydroplant brings room to life. It’s a living work of art that is always growing, enhancing the architecture in a unique way.

Green shelves

Book shelf, stylish partition, plant holder, or acoustic panel: our convertible shelf systems adapt perfectly to you and your everyday life.


Discover functional and stylish plant pots made from innovative materials – developed by Hydroplant in collaboration with renowned designers.

Indoor gardens

Our artful horizontal greening solutions bring some of the natural world into your everyday life, creating green oases in the midst of the hustle and bustle of modern buildings.

The wonderful benefits of indoor greenery

Green invigorates – not just because it’s beautiful to look at, but also because it actually has a measurable impact on our wellbeing. Plants reduce pollutants in the air and emit oxygen. They demonstrably reduce noise levels and noticeably increase humidity. Studies show that the better the air quality, the greater one’s ability to concentrate. Moreover, adequate humidity also reduces heating costs. There are also psychological benefits: the sight of plants reduces stress and inspires us. Employees working in an office with natural elements feel more relaxed, productive, and creative.

interaktive grafik innenraumbegrünung

Clean Air
Reduced pollutants

Plants reduce the quantity of airborne pollutants and ensure optimal dust absorption.

More O₂

Plants emit oxygen-rich air.

Lower Noise levels

Noise is reduced thanks to better acoustics; plants demonstrably reduce the noise level. Studies show that employees are physically, mentally and emotionally better prepared for work.

15% greater wellbeing
6% more productivity
15% more creativity

Greater wellbeing leads to increased productivity and creativity. Did you know that employees who work in offices close to nature rate themselves as 15% healthier, 6% more productive and 15% more creative?

Immune system

Plants have a positive effect on employee health: greening inside the office reduces allergies and sick days.


Plants effect a palpable increase in the humidity in the office. Improved air quality increases the ability to concentrate. Adequate humidity also reduces heating costs.

Wellness area
Less stress

Studies have showed that the sight of plants reduces stress and increases attention span and wellbeing. Did you know that employees in offices with green areas feel 15% happier and 32% more inspired?

Fancy more greenery around the place? Then this is where you need to be.

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