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Verticalis Green wall –
living art on a grand scale

Think big with the Verticalis green wall. This innovation by Hydroplant is a custom-made vertical wall garden. The individual modules can be assembled as desired, creating a unique work of living art that fits perfectly into your space. Available as a vertical or horizontal, two- or three-dimensional structure, with integrated lighting or built into the furniture, completely green or with bright pops of color – the design possibilities are endless. The Verticalis green wall is therefore not just an isolated detail in a space, but a key feature of the interior architecture.

Guide price
from CHF 3,500.00/m² excl. VAT.

The price will depend on the version and is quoted without special or on-site work, lighting or service, from 12 m²

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Size and colors

Tailored to your specific requirements.


  • Aluminum substructure
  • Felt mat
  • Central water container
  • Plant modules with built-in water tank


Small plants and mosses – the possibilities know almost no bounds.

Possible layouts and uses

  • Integrated into interior and exterior architecture
  • Integrated into furniture or drywall partitions
  • Works as a partition wall or a soundproofing/acoustic panel
  • Illuminated with plant lights
  • Integrated logo made from plants or other materials

Water system

Built-in water tank with automatic irrigation system.


Verticalis big is very low-maintenance. The built-in water tank has to be refilled every three weeks. We’d be happy to carry out regular checks and maintenance tasks, such as trimming, cleaning, or fertilizing – Hydroplant offers a range of professional and reliable service packages that we tailor to your individual needs.


Even, professional lighting is essential for optimal plant growth and to keep your green wall looking great. In collaboration with Lumitech Schweiz GmbH, we have developed an LED plant lighting system that fulfills all relevant requirements.


The Institute of Natural Resource Sciences at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) Wädenswil, in close collaboration with Hydroplant AG.

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