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Your indoor garden: a green oasis

Turn single rooms or entire buildings into green oases. With a greening solution tailored precisely to your specific space and personal taste, we’ll bring some color and life into your office building, hotel, or shopping mall. This adds a vibrant natural element to your space and creates a green oasis in the midst of modern architecture and the hustle and bustle of everyday working life. From evergreen trees to exotic ferns, from puristic, exposed concrete pots to elegant metal pots – we create a wide range of tasteful, eye-catching green solutions that noticeably improve air quality.

Bringing the natural world into your indoor space

  • Custom indoor gardens and greening solutions with seasonal plants
  • A relaxing retreat with a natural atmosphere
  • Reduces the room’s noise and carbon dioxide levels
  • Noticeably increases humidity
  • An inspiring workspace, perfect for meetings and discussing ideas
  • Professional plant service also available where required

Our portfolio speaks for itself

Rehaklinik, Bellikon

Interior plant design with black olive trees
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Fischer AG Immobilienmanagement, Zurich

Office planting that feels like a little slice of nature
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Villa on Lake Zurich

Exotic paludarium with orchids and ferns
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Roche, Rotkreuz

Office greening with pots from Atelier Vierkant and indoor garden
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Open-plan office

Inspirational working environment with jungle vibes
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Fancy an uplifting indoor garden of your own?

Martina Hildén will be happy to provide you with a specific quote.