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Fascinating façade gardens

We think outside the box. That means we don’t think of greenery as a purely aesthetic “extra” but rather as an integral component of modern architecture. We design fascinating façade gardens that keep growing and changing, filter daylight, and form part of your building’s air-conditioning system. From devising your initial green idea, to planning the details, to realizing and installing it on site.

Vertical greening solutions for your building

  • Protect from UV rays, cool the rooms
  • Absorb noise and CO2
  • Increase biodiversity by 100%
  • Enhance architecture in a unique way
  • Retain water

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Our portfolio speaks for itself

Vertical planting in a private garden, canton of Aargau

Garden bliss on every plane
Want to see more past projects?

Herren Globus, Zurich

Façade greening and planters featuring seasonal greenery
Want to see more past projects?

Globus Warenhaus, Bern

Vertical greening on the terrace
Want to see more past projects?

Alpinit housing development, Sarmenstorf

Balcony planting with climbing plants
Want to see more past projects?

THE CIRCLE, Zurich Airport (Stage 1)

Almost 15,000 plants for Zurich Airport
Want to see more past projects?

We’ll transform your wall into a vertical green space!

Martina Hildén will be glad to offer tailored recommendations and help you achieve the look you want.

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Plant rental & service

Plant rental & service