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    Perennial greenery under an open sky

    Hydroplant brings your outdoor spaces to life. In winter or summer, whether you want Mediterranean flair or an East-Asian inspired look, isolated bursts of greenery or a vast green garden: we turn your building’s rooftop terrace, atrium, balcony, or courtyard into a lushly green, relaxing retreat. Just tell us what you’re looking for! we’ll create a green urban oasis tailored to your personal taste. We will also take care of ongoing plant maintenance and seasonal redesigns..

    • Custom greenery for terraces, atriums, or courtyards
    • Perennial plants
    • Beautifully designed, winter-proof plant pots
    • Create inspiring, relaxing retreats
    • Absorb noise and CO2
    • Water retention relieves pressure on the waste water system
    • Increase biodiversity
    • Professional plant service also available where required

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    Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d love to add some greenery to your outdoor spaces.
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