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    Custom plant service

    Greenery makes people happy – and with our professional plant service, that happiness can last for a long time to come. With a Hydroplant service package, our specialists will look after your plants all year round, taking care of everything from pruning to pest control. Moving offices? We’d be more than happy to help with your move and make sure your plants arrive safely.

    With our “Basic” service package for private customers and companies, your plants will be professionally pruned and regularly cleaned and dusted. We also fertilize the plants – an organic treatment will give your plants new energy.

    Our “Prime” service package includes all aspects of professional plant care, from professional pruning and cleaning to watering, fertilization, and even pest control and removal. We also regularly upgrade your installation with new plants.

    Moving to a new office or premises is a cost- and labor-intensive process. Plants need to be transported with particular care. Our specialists provide expert support in planning your move and a professional packing service for your greenery and pots, as well as all transport. If you cannot move into the new location right away, we will store and look after your plants in our nursery. This will help them to thrive brilliantly in their new home.

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