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Indoor greenery
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Industrial meets Botanical – or when two worlds collide

OdA Sozialberufe Zurich

Greenery for the eye – and for the spirit

Biophiles Design, Transparent Paper Ltd.

New and existing greenery freshly resplendent

New greening solution, Prime Tower, Zurich

“The entire space is positively influenced by the greenery.”

Greenwall JOYN Hotel, Zurich-Glattpark

Garden bliss on every plane

Vertical planting in a private garden, canton of Aargau

825m2, 64 shelving units and 100% Hydroplant team spirit

Sunrise UPC, Glattpark/Wallisellen

A green wall greets visitors in style

Suva Rösslimatt, Lucerne

Aquatic plants fit for an art gallery

Fondation Beyeler, Basel

Almost 15,000 plants for Zurich Airport

THE CIRCLE, Zurich Airport (Stage 1)

Balcony planting with climbing plants

Alpinit housing development, Sarmenstorf

Green relax area on roof terrace

Caféteria, Lucerne train station

Indoor pergola with sumptuous climbing plants

Cafeteria, Cham

Inspirational working environment with jungle vibes

Open-plan office

Planting with a purpose as well as aesthetic appeal

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Rotkreuz

Verticalis Big Green Wall with Automatic Irrigation

720° Architekten, Pfäffikon SZ

Biotechnical solution for a better room climate

ERZ Entsorgung + Recycling, Zurich

Interior plant design with black olive trees

Rehaklinik, Bellikon

Interior plant design with continent-specific vegetation

Swiss Re, Headquarters, Zürich

Indoor Greening Solutions with Climbing Plants

Neue Aargauer Bank AG, Baden

Office planting that feels like a little slice of nature

Fischer AG Immobilienmanagement, Zurich

Verticalis Big green wall with automatic irrigation

Private Villa, Küsnacht

Shopping centre with green wall and black olive trees

Shopping centre Rhy Markt, Feuerthalen

Hotel greening with traditional clay pots

25hours Hotel, Zurich West

Greening with Atelier Vierkant and polystone pots

Maag Eventhall, Zürich

Façade greening and planters featuring seasonal greenery

Herren Globus, Zurich

Vertical greening on the terrace

Globus Warenhaus, Bern

Modular green shelf system

Agosti AG, Zürich

Greened room partition

Insurance company

Green wall in entrance hall

Residential and office building, Pfäffikon

Office greenery with green walls and pots

Rahn AG, Zürich

Green wall and hotel greening

Wellnesshotel Golfpanorama, Lipperswil

Green wall: Vertical vegetation with automatic irrigation

Bongénie/Grieder les Boutiques, Basel

Green Wall and Atelier Vierkant Pot as a Plunge Pool

Backstage Hotel, Zermatt

Verticalis 2.0 and Verticalis Big

HerzKlinik Hirslanden, Zürich

Verticalis 2.0: Green picture with an integrated water storage system

Brother (Schweiz) AG, Dättwil

Verticalis Big green wall with automatic watering

Private bank, Zurich

Hanging garden and façade greening

Novartis Campus, Basel

Verticalis Big Green Wall with Automatic Irrigation

ZHAW library, Winterthur

Office greening with pots from Atelier Vierkant and indoor garden

Roche, Rotkreuz

Moss Garden with HF System

SBB Westlink, Zürich Altstetten

Exotic paludarium with orchids and ferns

Villa on Lake Zurich

Vertical greenery with overgrown shelves

Zug Estates AG, Zug
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