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Biophiles Design, Transparent Paper Ltd.

Greenery for the eye – and for the spirit

Monotony and gray make way for fresh organic shapes, structures and shades. The company Transparent Paper Ltd. wanted more nature in its office day-to-day – and we made it happen, with an impressive green wall and plants as eye-catching additions and room dividers.

The birds really ought to be chirping here – that’s how natural and diverse the green wall in a niche at this large company appears. Above the blue bench, you’ll find a fully green plant wall consisting of garden croton, bird’s-nest fern, schefflera and Chinese evergreens, to name just a few, making the corner a little oasis of lush and leafy variety. It’s a place to relax and recharge – and capture moments of inspiration. This allows the working day to be interspersed with breaks and moments of relaxation in a pleasant room climate.

They’re placed here and there, as if by chance: large plants with vibrant green leaves in heavy concrete pots. They blend elegantly into the slick interior design at Transparent Paper Ltd., a business in Zurich Oerlikon specializing in packaging solutions. The tree strelitzia and monstera deliciosa give the office space an organic flair and create a contrast with the clear lines and generally dark design.

The green shelves with philodendron, Chinese evergreen and dracaena help create a mood of tranquility. The plants in small concrete pots deftly play off the black metal and act – in a highly practical way – as original room dividers. However, this office makeover isn’t just cosmetic; it offers crucial added value. The plants contribute to a pleasant indoor atmosphere and tangibly improve people’s health and wellbeing.

Indoor greenery, based on the biophilic design concept, aims to create a connection between a space, people and nature and let them resonate. Has it worked? It’s the feeling that counts – and we’ve got a good one.


  • Indoor greening of the new office
  • Collaboration with Von Petersdorff AG interior design
  • Verticalis plant wall (green wall)
  • Floor pots, Room dividers (small pots)

We never let you down

Want your plants to last as long as possible and retain their freshness? That’s the very reason why we offer an all-inclusive service, where you benefit from regular, professional care. Your plants stay healthy and looking great, while you’re free to concentrate fully on your business.

Plant Service

We design indoor vertical walls for lush greenery all year round.

Beat Widmer is on hand to help with greening your interior and will be delighted to discuss your project.