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Sunrise UPC, Glattpark/Wallisellen

825m2, 64 shelving units and 100% Hydroplant team spirit

Following the merger between Sunrise and UPC, giving the company’s office spaces a uniform look became a priority. Renowned design company greutmann bolzern designstudio developed a consistent office concept for the two business premises in Glattpark and Wallisellen with Sunrise UPC’s new flexible way of working in mind. This interior concept was executed in close collaboration with Hydroplant, as the design included greenery in the two large «club zones» and the meeting areas on three floors, covering a total area of more than 800 m2. The client wanted to go big on greenery, so 64 of Hydroplant’s innovative shelving units ended up being used.

Racing towards the end of the year

From project planning to logistics and plant selection, Hydroplant worked closely with the client to find an ideal solution to all of their wishes and requirements. The timing proved a particular challenge. The schedule was extremely tight and demanded perfect integration between all departments and suppliers at the end of 2020. All of the products had to be produced and delivered within a very short time. Eight members of staff lent a hand between Christmas and New Year to get the units assembled and put in place. They also installed full-spectrum LED plant lighting that could be custom-controlled and dimmed via app.

Seamless greening in just two days

That left just two days to plant the units with 14 different species, tailored to the lighting conditions at different spots within the space. «Procuring that many high-quality plants over the festive season was far from easy, but we pulled it off in the end,» says Beat Widmer, Project Manager at Hydroplant. «It was great to see the Hydroplant team spirit in action. We really gave it our all to provide our client with a great result: a creative wellbeing oasis that provides optimal working conditions.»

Five questions for Gerhard Kaufmann, Property & Facilities Management, Sunrise UPC

Can you briefly explain how this project came about?
The new ways of working introduced at Sunrise UPC included a desire to add extra elements into the existing office concept (activity-based desk-sharing). The «club zones» were developed with this in mind. They are a great place for our employees to interact, be it in a meeting, a spur-of-the-moment informal discussion or a creative workshop..

Why did you choose to work with Hydroplant?
Hydroplant had long been a dependable partner to Sunrise and had already worked on some exciting projects for us. So it was clear to us that we should work with them this time, too. When they presented their innovative shelving units, we were instantly on board. The visual effect is extremely high-end; there’s no other product on the market that can match this standard of quality. The units are also hugely versatile, as they serve as both space dividers and planted elements.

How did you find the project process?
We were under immense time pressure, which made it all the more important to tackle the process in a target-oriented, head-on way. We were impressed by the efficient ordering process.

How did you feel when you saw the result in person?
It looked just as good as we imagined it. Our employees absolutely loved it too and enthusiastically took possession of the space. We’re utterly delighted with it.


  • Office concept by greutmann bolzern designstudio
  • Planted club zones for meetings, workshops and discussions
  • 64 green shelves, 825 m2 office space
  • Project planning, logistics, plant selection, planting, service
  • 14 plant species

Could planted shelving units work on your premises, too?

Find out! Beat Widmer will be happy to advise you on your personal project.