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ERZ Entsorgung + Recycling, Zurich

Biotechnical Solution for a better Room Climate

People should feel good and threats to human health must be excluded. At the work­place, in partic­ular, where we spend a great deal of our life, healthy room air is extremely important.

Unfor­tu­nately, our office air is often much too dry and, to make things worse, contam­in­ated with a variety of pollut­ants. Head­aches, fatigue and comprom­ised perform­ance are the result.

In winter in partic­ular, poor air quality can increase suscept­ib­ility to infec­tious illnesses.

The humidity and plant require­ments are determ­ined by us based on the specific­a­tions of the prop­erty. An appro­priate number of plants in the space results in a percept­ible and meas­ur­able increase in the humidity to an optimal 50%-70 %.

Prima Klima® plants are avail­able in Switzer­land exclus­ively from Hydro­plant AG.


  • Improves the room climate
  • Prima Klima®-Cyperus

Further functions of the Prima Klima®-Cyperus:


Oxygen produc­tion

Normal carbon dioxide (CO2) air concen­tra­tion is 0.03% by volume. In closed rooms, that value can rise signi­fic­antly depending on the air exchange. The body, in turn, reacts with lower perform­ance, concen­tra­tion diffi­culty and fatigue. Nature shows us the ideal way to remove CO2 from the air. It uses photo­syn­thesis to convert CO2 in plants into sugar and oxygen.


Filtering of pollut­ants

Prima Klima® plants filter pollut­ants from the room air. As the plants absorb the harmful gases, the pollutant load in the room sinks.


Dust control

The dust particles on which pollutant molecules accu­mu­late are removed from the air and thus kept away from the bron­chial tubes and mucous membranes.

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