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Greenwall JOYN Hotel, Zurich

“The entire space is positively influenced by the greenery.”

The JOYN Hotel in Zurich wanted to use a plant wall to separate its lobby and restaurant. Architect Armin Kaske worked with Hydroplant to implement the project. He told us about the challenges, the future of interior greenery and how important it is for improving the climate in rooms.

Armin Kaske, how do the plant walls change the architecture of the interior of the JOYN Hotel?

The plant wall is a visual centerpiece that brightens the entire lobby. It has had a huge influence on the room’s architecture; it is an element that is not only visually attractive but also offers practical advantages, such as improving the acoustics of the space, changing how the space feels, and improving the indoor climate.


Why did you opt for a plant wall in the JOYN Hotel?

The plant wall was requested very early in the project and was intended to divide the lobby and the restaurant. At that time, however, it was still unclear who would be renting the restaurant, so we always knew that changes would have to be made in the future.

When do you think interior greenery is a good idea?

Generally speaking, I am all for interior greenery in rooms where lots of people tend to hang out and spend longer periods of time. The plant wall has a positive effect on the room’s acoustics, climate and even the smell. It also has a relaxing quality to it – as is so often the case in the plant world.


What were the challenges in implementing this project at the JOYN Hotel?

The biggest challenge was making sure that the hotel – which was still open as usual – didn’t feel like a construction site. We had to keep noisy work to a minimum because many guests were using the lounge and lobby for work. But the thing with the JOYN project was that it wasn’t just about the plant wall in the lobby, but also about the entire restaurant.

What was your first reaction when you saw the finished plant wall for the first time?

It’s difficult to say because I was on-site that day from start to finish, so didn’t just experience the creation of the wall but was also actively involved in building it. We worked with the client to choose certain red-leafed plants that we could really only distribute once we saw the finished piece in person.


How did you find the collaboration with Hydroplant?

As with all project-planning stages, it is always a wonderful experience to work with a party that collaborates in a professional, engaged and solution-oriented way. Hydroplant and Beat Widmer understand this completely. And of course, we gave it our all as well.


What do you think the future holds for interior greenery? Where is the trend heading?

The trend is heading toward nature – I have no doubt about that. However, since installation costs are still very high, I think that only larger companies and institutional investors will currently be able to manage it. That said, I do believe that it is a fast-growing trend – especially in spaces where there has previously only been stone, steel, glass and concrete. That would spark the fire of innovation, causing costs to fall.

A wall covered in greenery

A plant wall inside? Yes, please! The green of the plants not only has a positive effect on the feeling and climate of the room, but also on the sense of wellbeing. Plants with small leaves have noise-insulation properties – and are eye-catching to boot. In the case of JOYN Hotel, some 1,100 plants were installed over an area of 34 m2. Welcome to paradise!


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