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New greening solution, Prime Tower, Zurich

New and existing greenery freshly resplendent

Plants are more popular than ever in business settings, and no wonder: they create a welcoming atmosphere and a healthy indoor climate. The company HDI Global SE looked for those very qualities when it chose to introduce fresh greenery to its new offices in the Prime Tower in Zurich.

So, everything’s brand new? Not quite.

When office premises need a burst of exuberant greenery, we jump into action. Naturally, we seized the opportunity to provide a greening solution for the new offices of our long-standing customer HDI Global SE. For HDI’s move to the Prime Tower in Zurich, we created a custom green wall featuring a monochromatic interplay between bright green and dark green elements to conjure up a relaxed atmosphere and create a striking contrast with the embedded company logo.

Given our constant striving for sustainability, we were also delighted to be able to integrate all the well-preserved plants from the old office in Altstetten into the new planting approach. Speaking of sustainability, together with HDI global we went above and beyond: when choosing the plant pots, HDI global opted for high-quality, durable Eternit pots. This Swiss product is an environmentally friendly choice that fits perfectly into the color scheme.

Tailor-made Verticalis plant wall

Greening only really comes into its own when it is implemented with millimeter precision. With that in mind, the Hydroplant team custom-designed special paneling for the location – precisely matched to the dimensions of the wall – and built it on-site. For the vertical garden itself, we used various philodendron species, along with aeschynanthus, dracaena, kangaroo fern and a whole lot more.

We never let you down

Want your plants to last as long as possible and retain their freshness? That’s the very reason why we offer an all-inclusive service, where you benefit from regular, professional care. Your plants stay healthy and looking great, while you’re free to concentrate fully on your business.

Plant Service


  • Complete greening of the new office
  • Collaboration with BFB Architects Zurich
  • Development, planning, all-inclusive service
  • Verticalis plant wall, new floor pots
  • Reuse, repotting well-preserved existing plants

We design indoor vertical walls for lush greenery all year round.

Elina Heinvirta is on hand to help with greening your interior and will be delighted to discuss your project.