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OdA Sozialberufe Zurich

Industrial meets Botanical – or when two worlds collide

In a place where lots of brainpower is called for, the environment is all the more important. This is exactly where Hydroplant comes in with its latest project, creating a green ambiance for all visitors to the new OdA Sozialberufe Zürich education center. Because green has a stress-relieving and inspiring effect – perfect conditions for a successful time, right?


This makes lifelong learning much more fun: The open staircase of the new OdA Sozialberufe Zürich education center is surrounded by lush greenery over two floors. The goal was to bring the industrial look of the new building to life. Various pots in different shapes and large and small plants at different heights give the staircase a playful border. The architecture of the space is restrained, with modern materials and clean lines, leaving the big stage to the small jungle of plants. The plants are perfectly staged by lights that accentuate the greenery. An inspiring collaboration between Zürich-based architecture firm RINCKER and Hydroplant, an expert in green living spaces.

Vertical artists

The Jakob Rope Systems net serves as a trellis for the climbing plants and as a railing. A creative shelf structure that comes together like a mosaic of plants, nets as filters and an info screen – and opens up two levels in an unusual way. However, the chestnut vine, fiddle-leaf fig, monstera, dracaena, and philodendron not only make good aesthetic decorations, they also provide a pleasant indoor climate, reduce stress, and filter dust from the air. And where there are plants, people automatically feel more comfortable – and more creative. It’s an effective design element with many benefits. Plants in a business or school context are no longer a rarity. But we think there should definitely be more!

“This makes lifelong learning much more fun.”


  • Greening the open staircase
  • Cooperation with RINCKER – Rinderknecht Hucker Architekten AG and Eggimann Metallbau AG
  • Floor planters and climbing plants
  • Development, planning, planting
  • All around lighting

We never let you down

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Do you have a brilliant plant-related idea of your own?

Martina Hildén is happy to take her time and looks forward to the creative exchange.