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Suva Rösslimatt, Lucerne

A green wall greets visitors in style

«First impressions matter.» It’s a turn of phrase that deftly sums up Hydroplant’s planting of the reception area at the Suva headquarters on Rösslimattstrasse in the heart of Lucerne. This is the first thing that visitors see and take in. Waiting for a meeting here is an absolute pleasure: the vibe is that of a stylish lounge bar, complete with comfy armchairs, great lighting and fantastic coffee. Hydroplant played a major role in enhancing the appeal of the space with its judicious use of greenery. The overall design was created by UNIT Architekten AG.

Productive collaboration between different trades

Suva wanted Hydroplant to provide a vertical expanse of greenery that could have functional elements such as shelving or storage areas added to it. They also wanted a water cooler to be integrated into the plants, for waiting guests to help themselves. Another priority was for the plants to be low-maintenance and inexpensive to keep in good condition. Based on these wishes and requirements, Hydroplant came up with an optimal solution, which meant working closely with the interior designers and all of the trades involved, including carpenters, plumbers and electricians.

Complex design

A black wooden fitting that runs the entire length of the wall provides the base for the planted elements. A plant trough containing mineral substrate and a water tank is integrated into the structure. A custom-made Webnet structure was fitted on side rails and now has 12 plants climbing up it. Philodendron, Tetrastigma and Cissus discolor combine to create a striking overall look. The plants are watered automatically via drip and water retention irrigation within the mineral substrate. Since the space gets limited daylight, Hydroplant also equipped the greenery with special LED plant lighting with a high blue component, providing the perfect light spectrum for the plants to thrive.

Perfect collaboration

«For us, the major challenge was developing, planning and executing the complex overall structure in tandem with the interior designers, carpenters, plumbers and electricians,» says Sophie Schweizer Project Manager at Hydroplant. «Everything had to dovetail perfectly, but we managed to pull it off. Both we and the customer are delighted with the result.»


  • Design by Unit Architekten AG
  • Vertical greenery in the reception area
  • Development, planning, planting, service
  • 12 climbing plants on the Webnet structure
  • Special LED plant lighting
  • Automatic irrigation

Vertical greening solutions for your customer area?

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