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Rhy Markt Shopping Centre, Feuerthalen

Green Wall and Black Olive Trees in the Shopping Centre

A Verticalis Air green wall seven metres wide and over two metres tall, with auto­matic irrig­a­tion, greets visitors in the parking floor of the shop­ping centre, which was reopened in 2018.

The Verticalis Air is designed for extra mois­ture. The support medium is a textile made of PET, which absorbs the mois­ture like a sponge. A lot of water is evap­or­ated by the permanent water circu­la­tion, creating a pleasant climate in the room. The Verticalis Air is also largely inor­ganic, and thus very clean.

Warm colours dominate a ground floor that is bathed in light. The seating places and the black olive trees, standing at over 3.5 metres in their “Osaka by Michel Brugg­mann” Eternit plant pots, create a relaxed atmo­sphere for shop­ping.


  • Stress-relieving effect, produces oxygen and binds CO2
  • Chlorophytum, peperomia, commelinaceae, philodendron,
    Black olive tree

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