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Vertical planting, canton of Aargau

Garden bliss on every plane

Hydroplant doesn’t restrict itself to creating office looks for renowned companies, striking reception areas and planted walls on a major scale; we also design and create gorgeous projects on behalf of private customers. This planted wall in the garden of a house in the canton of Aargau is a prime example.

A 16 m2 expanse with over 500 plants

When it came to redesigning the outdoor area at his home, the client decided to incorporate an existing wall into the garden concept and plant it for a striking look. We developed a 16 m2 aluminum structure that matched the dimensions of the concrete expanse behind it exactly. Special wall planting modules were then integrated into the structure, with each square meter containing 36 plant compartments filled with a mineral substrate. Finally, in conjunction with landscaping company Ingold, which carried out the rest of the work on the garden, the plants were selected for the green wall. «We wanted to create a grassy vertical landscape that would fit perfectly with the planting concept for the garden as a whole,» says Michael Hagenauer, Project Manager at Hydroplant. «We supplemented the grasses with a number of perennials that cope well in dry conditions. These came in shades of green and silver, with species like box honeysuckle, wintercreeper and honesty. All in all, well over 500 plants were integrated into the wall.»

Custom-designed irrigation

The vertical garden was designed and assembled within the space of just five weeks. The water from the existing pond directly beneath the wall had to be used to water the plants, adding to the complexity.«We worked closely with Ingold to create a cycle that used a pump system and controlled irrigation,» explains Hagenauer. Hydroplant also integrated two LED spotlights into the green wall, so the unique vertical garden provides a striking backdrop at any time of day or night.


  • Vertical planting as part of a 3D garden concept
  • Development, planning, planting, service
  • Vertical expanse of grasses comprising over 500 plants
  • Automatic watering and LED lighting

We can give your garden that extra something

Corinne Prunner will be happy to help and advise you on transforming your own outdoor area into a masterpiece of design.